Atelier Bettina Schopphoff
Atelier Bettina Schopphoff


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Depuis 2006, Bettina Schopphoff travaille en freelance et est présente sur de nombreuses foires d’artistes de Paris à  Francfort en passant par New York, Miami et Barcelone.

Son œuvre est basée sur l’expérience de l’émotion, elle se saisit des choses comme si elle les observait pour la première fois. Sa peinture est une recherche constante d’instants, de reflets,de mouvements qui tous racontent des histoires. Son geste est vif, intense, coloré et offre une lumière nouvelle sur le monde.

Seit 2006 arbeitet Bettina Schopphoff als unabhängige Künstlerin und ist auf zahlreichen Kunstmessen von Paris bis Frankfurt vertreten über New York, Miami, Barcelona und einer Reihe von anderen Städten.

Ihr Werk basiert auf dem Erleben des Gefühls, sie ergreift Sachen, als ob sie sie zum erstenmal wahrnehmen würde. Ihr Malen ist eine konstante Suche nach Momenten und nach Spiegelungen , nach Bewegungen, die alle eine Geschichte erzählen. Ihre Gestik ist energisch, intensiv, farbig und stellt die Welt unter ein neues Licht.

Since 2006, Bettina Schopphoff has been working as a free lancer. She is sharing her work in many fairs for artists, from Paris to Frankfurt, from NYC, Miami and Barcelona.


Her artwork is based on her own experience with emotions. She can grasp things just like she would see them for the very first time. Her painting is a constant quest of instant moments, moves, of reflections that are all telling us a story. Her gesture is sharp, intense, colorful and she offers us a new light over the world.

Or the eyelids are closed and the gaze fixed on the deep inside, where everything is below one's grasp.

Bettina Schopphoff has learnt something essential: to change the way one looks at everyday life.

Sometimes, all it takes is slight shift of the viewing angle to discover the thing extraordinary, the thing otherworldly. Each stroke of her brush propels her from one colour to the next with enthusiasm and gusto. Moreover, Schopphoff always works on several pictures concurrently, and the metaphors of her life and her own stories are plain to see in all of them.

She likes to tell stories that will end up having to be self-revealing. The picture must be a exchange of colours with the viewer. All of the artist's generosity of colour enables her to set the stage for those tiny instants in which emotions are irrepressible. Every move, change, upheaval, is food for her paintings, again and again.

Recently, the artist has evolved towards a more personal world: she paints faces that are striving to survive in a world of indifference and the absurdity of a lack of love. The eyes are open to the feeling that nothing is beyond reach.







娜高中的候,她就已视觉艺术方面表卓越,多大的作品都交给她完成,她还为学校年终表演布置会场。高中毕业,她去德国学习文学,但是她对艺术的热情从未淡却,渐渐的,艺术慢慢融入到她的生活中。弗吉尼亚·普罗库菩韦兹 ( Virginie Prokopoviz),艺术家兼绘画教授,建议她展出她的作品,于是芭缇娜决定将画作公开。从那以后,作画成为了她生活重要的一部分。